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Whether you are starting up a new business or run a well-established organisation – a professional and functional Web site will bring you advantages no other tool can!

No second chance on first impressions

A Web site is one of the first places your potential clients will go to 'check you out'. Can you afford not to make the best impression? Can you afford to have clients leave your site without supplying contact details so you can follow up? Can you afford your Web site not to come up on search engines such as Google and Yahoo when clients are searching for a line of products and services you supply?

A professional image

Imagine being the owner of a new complete Web site that makes you so proud, you can’t wait to announce it to everyone you meet. At CleverLink, we specialise in creating Web sites that people love to visit. Once your potential clients are there, they will want to stay and browse due to the professional appeal of your site. At CleverLink we make our clients proud!

Your new Web site will look polished and professional. It will contain simple, easy-to-fill forms so customers and window shoppers leave their details, making it easy for you to follow up potential clients. CleverLink can help you sell your products, services and receive payment – all on-line.

Be seen on search engines

At CleverLink, we are experts at Internet marketing; we know how to make our own Web site and our clients’ Web sites appear at premium positions on major search engines. And, because we welcome you to place a link to your new site in the CleverLink on-line ‘Marketplace’, we all benefit from those consumers that are searching for suppliers on the Web.

7 reasons you need a Web site:

  1. Extend your business hours without putting on extra staff
  2. Provide product information to your customers 24X7
  3. Give your business the opportunity to expand to the world marketplace
  4. Sell and accept payment on-line
  5. Make your Web site your virtual office – very cost effective
  6. Save on printing & postage costs – direct your clients to your Web site
  7. Make YOU & YOUR BUSINESS look smart and impressive, as your Web site should

Contact us now on 1300 721 837 to discuss your Web site or fill out our enquiry form.

The whole package – not just half!

7 CLEVER reasons why you should have your Web site developed by CleverLink:

  1. An expert team makes the difference: Your Web site will be developed by a team of professionals with expertise in e-business and marketing, Web development and copywriting. This is a very important point, as so many Web developers cannot deliver a whole package. You can be left with something that looks okay, but simply won’t generate enough interest to make your outlay worthwhile.

    At CleverLink, we understand that a professional Web site is the combination of good use of graphics, effective computer programming so it loads fast, and carefully chosen words that give your product or service an impact. It should also appear on search engines!

  2. Complete professionalism: At CleverLink, we only employ qualified and experienced staff. This means a professional team builds your Web site guaranteeing a quality product.

    Our track record is proof that CleverLink should be your Web designer. Visit our portfolio and client testimonials to see how happy our clients are. Do what successful people do – don’t waste your time and money on an amateur site. When dealing with us, not only will you have a professional Web site, you will have a pleasant experience and learn a lot about doing business on the Internet.

    Fill in the enquiry form now or contact us on 1300 721 837 today to discuss your Web site.

  3. Get it right the first time: You don’t have a second chance to make a first impression. A good Web site will enhance your professional image and help you to sell more. Partnership with a professional Web developer like CleverLink will guarantee that you have a high-quality Web site. Check out what the media and our clients have said about us.

  4. Integrity: We hold our heads high in the business world. Ethically conscientious, our business practice and moral values ensure confidentiality of client information and honest service. CleverLink chooses not to design or work on projects that have the potential to slander, criticise or violate others.

    We have this process in place so we can proudly promote our clients and use their services ourselves. At CleverLink, we promote our clients’ Web sites weekly via the CleverTips mailing list and we also promote our clients via the Marketplace.

  5. Value: CleverLink offers outstanding VALUE-for-MONEY with a human touch.
    We … listen

    • offer CLEVER solutions and CLEVER options
    • nurture the client relationship
    • provide a service guarantee
    • promote client services
  6. An Edge: We understand that you are in the process of evaluating and comparing us with others and we certainly respect your decision whatever you decide. The good news for you is: Many others have done the same and they have chosen CleverLink from among other organisations. Meet our clients

    Award Winning History of Achievement

    Winner, Sydney Business Review’s Business Woman of the Year (2005)
    Top 34 ITC Companies in Australia (2003)
    Winner, Illawarra SWAP Business of the Year (2002 & 1999)
    Finalist, Integral Energy Illawarra Business Awards (2002)
    Finalist, NSW SWAP Small Business of the Year (2002)
    Finalist, AusIndustry Illawarra Small Business Awards (2002)
    Finalist, Integral Energy Illawarra Business Awards (2001)

  7. A complete package: CleverLink can help you with other related services so you don’t have to go anywhere else; nor do you have to spend even more time building relationships with other service providers. For example, you can have your Web site designed by CleverLink and have your other marketing materials designed and printed, by utilising our other services, such as:

Have a look at the Web sites designed by our team and see how CleverLink can be your Web site designer/developer. Again, congratulations with your new business project or venture. Why not have the best Web site represent you?

Within our Web design services, we can help you with the following:

  • Custom Web design
  • Content management system
  • Flash development
  • Internet marketing
  • Email marketing
  • e-newsletters
  • Online marketing
  • Online database
  • Online payment
  • Online shopping cart
  • Online forms
  • online bookings
  • Online photo gallery
  • Moodle web development
  • Online events calendar
  • Online catalogues
  • Online surveys
  • Online order
  • Online report
  • Online registration/submission
  • Online forum
  • Online chat
  • Online affiliate program
  • Search engine optimization service
  • Search engine positioning
  • Search engine ranking
  • Search engine submission service
  • Joomla web development
Click To Call Me NOW!Our team looks forward to an opportunity to help you with your Web site.

Contact us now on 1300 721 837 or fill out our enquiry form.

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