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CleverLink can set up online payment facilities for you. Online payment system is a real-time transaction payment process that allows you to sell and collect payment via the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How the system works:

SecurePay Benefits

• Receive payments upfront before delivery.
• All monies transferred to your bank online.
• Low upfront cost and on goings.
• 24-hour automated trading
• Streamline sales and marketing channels
• Trade on the Internet locally, nationally and internationally.
• Increase your efficient levels by reducing delivery time, paper transactions and labour costs.

Peace of mind

Our entire range of e-commerce servers use SSL 128-bit encryption - the best security available. Furthermore, your customers' credit card numbers are kept securely from everyone - No one can see the credit details (including you and our company). It gives your customers the peace of mind they need to do business with you today.

Please contact us 1300 721 837, if you would like a secure on-line payment system set-up on your web site or if you have further questions regarding this.


20 February 2004
Online Payment Facilities
An Online payment facility can be one of the greatest tools that you can add to your Web site.
Some benefits include:
  • Save time for both you and your Clients;
  • It is working 24 hours a day and therefore can "make a sale" for you at midnight when you are sleeping;
  • You get the money in advance!; and
  • When people are ready to BUY - You are ready to SELL - no phone calls or travelling is necessary.

Below are two ways that you can accept payment Online. I also outline the costs, benefits and disadvantages for both options

  1. Manual process
  2. Automatic process
Option 1: Manual Processes
Option 2: Automatically process ? Transfer money directly to Bank (NAB or St George)
$650 for CleverLinkto set up secure environment and forms
- $650 for CleverLinkto set up secure environment and forms
- Set up fee: $297 (to third party)
- Monthly fee: $22
- Transaction fee: $0.66
- Lower set up cost and no monthly fee
- No need to deal with third party
- Everything is done automatically
- No manual work involve
- The bank will take care of the validation process.
- Money goes directly into your bank account
Manual work such as verifying credit cards, processing payment and going to the bank, etc

- Higher set up cost
- Pay monthly fee regardless of whether you make a sale or not.

Camtu Pham
Managing Director, CleverLink
+61 2 4284 3600

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