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Service - Graphic Design - Postcard

CleverLink can assist you with your postcard design, creating an unique marketing tool. Tell us the specifications you require and let us do the rest.

Please follow the instructions below to ensure quick and effective service:

  1. Decide the quantity you would like to print.
  2. Decide on the size of your future postcards.
  3. Convert your artwork into PDF format. We need at least 300 dpi with Press Quality.
  4. Send it to service@cleverlink.com.au.
    (if you email us - make sure include your phone number)
  5. Pay the full amount to CleverLink by whatever method you prefer. Please see our payment page.

10 Good Reasons to Have Your Company Postcards

  1. Postcards are impressive! Everyone has business cards, however, not many have their own postcards
  2. Postcards help to build long lasting relationships
  3. Postcards can save time for both the sender and receiver. It takes much longer to write a letter
  4. Your postcards can "brand" you and your business
  5. Your competition doesn't know you are marketing
  6. Postcards are powerful - Short messages are powerful and memorable
  7. It is unlikely that your postcards will end up in the trash - It may be pinned on your potential client's wall!
  8. It is affordable.
  9. Pictures on your postcards allows the market to remember you and your company
  10. Postcards are easy to carry around

Please visit our Portfolio for further examples of our work, or contact us on 1300 721 837 or fill out our enquiry form.



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