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Congratulations for starting / re-branding your business and deciding to have a professional to design your logo!

An excellent logo can immediately and intuitively communicate the style, professionalism and even the philosophy of your business! Having a quality logo can save your business years of branding and $$$ in advertising.

Your company logo is the foundation of your image. It's the first thing people look at; it can create a positive and lasting impression or turn your potential clients totally off.

CleverLink offers the following tips of DO’s and DON’Ts regarding logo designing:

  • DO consider your target market. Who are they? What is their age group & gender? What feeling should your logo reflect on your business? The colour you choose needs to appeal to your market. For example:
    • Red is hot, gets attention;
    • Blue is assured, evokes authority;
    • Yellow is optimistic;
    • Green is healthy and creative;
    • Brown is rich, traditional, warm;
    • White is antiseptic, pure, credible;
    • Black is sensuous, mystery, and authority
  • DO choose your colour/s carefully and use them consistently. Decide ahead of time whether your logo is going to be black and white or a certain colour, and then stick with the colours that you choose.
  • DO create a logo that can be reproduced in black and white so it can be easily faxed or photocopied.
  • DO think of an image that you and your business want to project. A professional look? A Friendly look? Or a serious look?
  • DON’T use too many colours. A maximum of 3 – 4 colours should be used. Too many colours can lose the effectiveness and make people “colour blind”
  • DON’T put your signage up unless the logo is right
  • DON’T print thousands of business cards or brochures when you have not finalised your logo. Your logo should be the next thing to invest in after registering the business name!
  • DON’T use a photograph, as this may become indecipherable if enlarged or reduced significantly.

To create a powerful logo you need a team consisting of a graphic designer and marketing expert who will put all their experience, knowledge, ideas and talent into your logo.

Click here for information on processes involved in having a logo designed by CleverLink.

Have a look at the logos designed by our team and see how CleverLink can be your logo designer. Again, congratulations with your new business! You have come a long way to make a decision to start your own company. Why not have the best logo to represent you?Click To Call Me NOW!

All the best with your new journey and our team looks forward for an opportunity to help you build your business image.

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