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Having a good Web site is half of the success story. The other half comes from effective marketing so people are able to find you on search engines. Does your Web site come up within the top 2% of major search engines? CleverLink can help you to come up with appropriate keywords and use professional software to submit your Web site to major search engines to enhance your commercial visibility.

When it comes to using the Internet as a marketing tool, the objective is to maximise your exposure while minimising costs. Common sense also tells us that it is not good business to pay for advertising in places where we have no market. At CleverLink, we have the right people, strategies and tools available to help you target you marketing.

When preparing a marketing plan, present your materials so they convey:

The benefits that you offer

Remember, you're selling benefits. Therefore, when listing your products and/or services, also list all the features and the related benefits that your product or service can offer.

Who would benefit from your products and services online

With a connection to the global Internet, your organisation can:

• Have access to the world's largest and most diverse collection of available information.
• Communicate faster and more efficiently with customers, suppliers and partners.
• Work collaboratively with staff and business partners around the world.
• Open up new sales channels and business opportunities.
• Market your business to the world.

There are millions of people on the Internet, if you can be specific about who you want to target, CleverLink can develop strategies to help you.

Please contact us on 1300 721 837 if you require assistance with Internet Marketing or would like some more information about it.

Services We Provide

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Pay Per-Click Marketing
  • Reputation Management
  • Analytics Implementation
  • Email Marketing
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