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Services: Website design, Hosting, Online payment systems, Content Management Systems, Internet marketing, IT Consulting, Professional writing, etc
Whether you are starting up a new business or run a well-established organisation – a professional and functional Web site will bring you advantages no other tool can!

We are a highly respected company dedicated to creating reliable, high-speed servers and connections which can spell the difference between attracting new customers to your web site or frustrating them with slow loading times.

CleverLink is able to handle all your Domain name Registration needs. Registering a domain name is like registering your business name, but this is to gain your own identity on the Internet and also to make your customers remember your business office.
Do you need some direction with your IT strategies? Would you like to share your business concerns with someone you can trust? Technology is not a solution that fits all problems. However, a right database package, a smart Online system can save you top $ and will help you to streamline your business and free you from manual processes.
CleverLink provides high quality graphic and visual designs for your business and personal needs. We design Logos, Brochures, Postcards, Business Cards, Book Cover Design and other stationary designs. Image is very important! Please view our portfolio and see why CleverLink should be your designer.
We provide training and seminars for busy executives and staff at any level. Our experienced staff can provide you with one-to-one training or in larger groups, where we will help you to use technology effectively. Save time and produce more effective results. We can train people at any level and any group size, in your own facilities or at our CleverLink office.
CleverLink can set up online payment facilities for you. Online payment system is a real-time transaction payment process that allows you to sell and collect payment via the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Having a good Web site is half of the success story. The other half comes from effective marketing so people are able to find you on search engines. Does your Web site come up within the top 2% of major search engines? CleverLink can help you to come up with appropriate keywords and use professional software to submit your Web site to major search engines to enhance your commercial visibility.
Make your next reader your next customer!
Imagine if your content was so immediately compelling that your potential customers understood your message and responded? That could convert into a lot of business.

‘Content’ is any text on your Web site or your promotional material and credible content is essential to creating a successful image. Your customers don’t read a screen like they read a page – and vice versa. You can’t tweak your brochure to use on-line and expect results. Imagine if your content was direct, dynamic and your potential customers kept reading past the first line few lines?

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