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7 Reasons why your company should have a Brochure

  1. To create an awareness of your organisation’s existence in the market place.
  2. To make an offer to your target customers and invite them to consider your products and services.
  3. To demonstrate the strengths of your organisation and to convince your potential customer that they should choose YOU amongst many other similar providers.
  4. To be used at Trade Shows and Networking Functions as a great marketing tool.
  5. To advertise your business and to gain referrals.
  6. To evoke BUYERS’ emotions and thoughts.
  7. To help BUYERS contact you for your products and services.

Why should you choose CleverLink to design your brochure?

By engaging CleverLink’s brochure design services you and your organisation will gain the following benefits:

At CleverLink we have a professional team comprising of people with marketing, graphic design, project management and journalism skills who can guide you in the right direction for your marketing needs.

At CleverLink we can print your design with ease. If you deal with us you don’t have to go to another supplier to print your document. We have the ‘buying power’, being a one-stop shop for all your graphic needs. We have great relationships with our printing partners and can therefore provide the end user with quick turnaround time.

CleverLink has an archive of royalty-free images that you don’t have to pay extra for (each high resolution image is valued at over AU$300). Please note that we may not have images that are suitable for all clients for every occasion. In this case you will need to purchase or provide us with your own images.
Besides providing you with hard copies of the brochures, we will also provide you with the soft copy for e-mail and Web use.

You will know that you have a great brochure to market your business. Pride is important because it gives you the satisfaction and confidence that your brochure is often one of your BEST SELLING TOOLS.

You will know that your brochure will be created by a team with more than 30 years of combined experience. Our managing director, Camtu Pham, who is also an author and marketing expert will contribute her ideas into your project and unless she is happy with the quality, your brochure won’t leave our office! This ensures our products and services remain TOP QUALITY.

If you are in the mind set of ‘Having it done RIGHT the FIRST TIME’ then you should have your brochure created by CleverLink.

Please visit our Portfolio for examples of our work, or contact us on 1300 721 837 (or +61 2 4284 3600 for international clients) to arrange an appointment with us or just fill in our the form below.


Our team will get back to you with a quote within 24 hours and you can expect value for money and professional service. All CleverLink's services and products and 100% satisfaction guaranteed so there is absolutely NO risk to you.

Have questions about brochure design and printing? Click on CALL ME and enter your phone number - If the current time is within business hours - your phone will ring  and our team will chat to you! This is a FREE service and the cost of the call is on us.

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25 February 2005
Visual Communication: A winning tool for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS

Most of us are more focused on our verbal and written communication. This week, I would like to encourage and challenge you to pay more attention to VISUAL communication skills.

Here are 8 benefits of how EFFECTIVE visual communication can help YOU and YOUR BUSINESS:

  1. Making a positive impression and holding readers attention: A well laid out brochure or resume WILL get read.
  2. Gaining respect: Yes - a good design and layout can convey professionalism.
  3. Creating 'BUY' emotion: How many of us are 'sold' by emotion? Too many!
  4. Generating FOCUS: A professional brochure, Web site or invitation can make people focus on what you are trying to convey.
  5. Creating good memories: A good logo can jump out to get people's attention and can sink into their mind and stay there.
  6. Tempting and referring: Badly designed marketing material usually ends up in the bin before it is read. Good design stays and get passed around.
  7. Calling for DECISIONS and ACTION: Visual power is enormous - it can generate desire, call for action and kill procrastination.
  8. Achieving your intension: Visual communication can help you achieve the above 7 points and of course your ultimate goals.

Camtu Pham
Managing Director, CleverLink
+61 2 4284 3600

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Camtu and her team at “Cleverlink” have supplied me with
not just a web site but the whole package – logos, letterhead,
brochure and business cards. The end result is great with
each of the components linking together to form a cohesive entity.

I have found working with “Cleverlink” easy and informative as
they have provided me with invaluable knowledge and direction
in both a friendly and professional manner.

I have no hesitation in recommending Camtu and her team to others.

Trish Bartlett
Trish Bartlett Resources Pty Ltd.

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